Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Control Home devices using PC

Hello every one .

I am showing you today a small PC_based control circuit that I made , I hope you like it .

Small electrical circuit that can control any electrical appliances (Lamp , T.V , Fan , .... etc.) from your PC .

Using the parallel port of the PC to send a control signal (ON/OFF) to a Relay that's connected to the electrical device you want to control.

Timing functionality is also added by the control program not electronic components. So ,you can switch the device on and off after some duration or at specific time .

The circuit is controlled by a small C# Program

some photos of the circuit

On Breadboard

On StripBoard

With Parallel Port cable

Connected to 220 v Lamp (Circuit OFF)

Circuit On

Video of the circuit and timing test

picture of the Program that control the circuit

Want To DO it ?
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