Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Electronics Helpful Websites

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My Rating : Excellent
Description :-
Helps IN :
If you are Looking for Tutorial That help You in the following

- How To Solder and How to build electronic circuits and understanding circuits diagrams
- Contain excellent explanation to some electronic components and how to connect and test them such as Resistors ,Capacitors , transistors , relays , switches ,LEDs

- Contain explained projects that make you practice
such as Drive a LED , Traffic light generator , dice , and more here


Understanding Electronics Components
link :

Description :-
teaches the basic components and how the are used in circuits starting with resistors till transistors and ICs and other components like speakers and microphones .It also include some practical circuits using these components

Helps IN:
If you want t to start electronics fast without going into more details ,laws, calculations and so on .
it also helps as a revision if you studied electronics before and want to revise basics in a fast way.

added: 20-8-2008


doctronics Educational Publishing for Design & Technology

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