Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eclipse C++ Development [ UBUNTU ]

Hello Every one,
I want to show the most easiest way to install eclipse IDE under ubuntu and make it support C++ development.

Basically, you need the following:
g++ compiler, gcc compiler collections, CDT and eclipse IDE.
- Open Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager ( System - > Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager)
- Write in the search box : eclipse
- choose eclipse platform , click, mark for installation

-Repeat the second step but write gcc
- Again and write g++

- Again and write CDT ....

After installing all those packages, you will find eclipse installed under Applications -> Programming - > Eclipse.

Now you are ready to use eclipse for c++ applications.

To start your first application in eclipse:
File -> New - > C++ Project. If you cant see c++ project option click other and choose c++ from the list.
Be sure to select Linux GCC compiler from the right list as the next picture shows.

Click Finish and Play !.

Build ==> CTRL +B
RUN ==> CTRL +F11

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